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Vihara health care facility marks its first anniversary


Kyoto, Japan - The Vihara Facility, which includes the Vihara Hongwanji assisted living home and Asoka Vihara Clinic hospice facility opened last April and will mark it’s first anniversary this month.  Vihara, is the Sanskrit term that was originally used in referring to a Buddhist monastery, place for resting, refuge, or dwelling.  Today, it is also used to refer to social welfare activities based on Buddhist principles.  Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha, began their Vihara activities in 1987, working together with a staff of medical professions.
The Hongwanji-operated facility provides care for the elderly through long and short term stay programs and offers various religious activities including daily services, services for special observances, Dharma talks, and visitations to Hongwanji, along with other non-religious activities and programs.  The Asoka Vihara Clinic which focuses on palliative care also provides a ministerial staff catering to the spiritual needs of the residence and staff.