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Observance held for the newly-restored Goeido 1


The Nembutsu resonates throughout the Goeido
Erected at its present site in 1636, over two hundred years have elapsed since the last restoration work was conducted on the Goeido (Founder’s Hall).  The restoration that was completed earlier this year began ten years ago on January 16, 1999.  To mark its completion, services were held on April 1 and 2 in the newly-restored hall.


Kikyoshiki - Confirmation Rite
A Kikyoshiki was conducted for the first time in ten years in the Goeido.  Four hundred fifty-five people, between the ages of one and eighty-nine, received their Buddhist name from the Monshu on April 1.
(HONGWANJI JOURNAL, Nº 2994, 2009/4/10)