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Observance held for the newly-restored Goeido 2


Kaido - Opening of the hall
On April 1 at 5:30 am, the Goeido gates (Goeidomon) were opened for the first time in ten years.  The doors to the Goeido were later opened at 9 am as ministers and lay people from throughout Japan filled the courtyard and Goeido hall entoning the Nembutsu.


Otachi - Departure of the statue
A service was conducted to commemorate the transfer of the Shinran Shonin statue(Goshinnei) in the Amidado (Hall of Amida Buddha) where it had been enshrined for the past ten years.  At the conclusion of the service, the makishoji doors on the altar were closed and the statue was carefully placed into the koshi (ceremonial palanquin).
   At 11 am, “Otachi” was called out, signaling for the makishoji doors to be opened and the start of the processional.  While intoning the Nembutsu, the processional began in the altar, pausing to bow before Amida Buddha, before exiting the hall.  The processional proceeded along the veranda and corridor before making its way to the front of the Goeido.  The jikkin (attendants) carried the statue walking in front of and behind the koshi.  Also in the processional were the jishin (honorary guards of the statue), Governor General, Hongwanji Assembly Chairperson, Dean of the House of Hongwanji Academicians, Governors, and several other ministers and lay representatives.  At 11:25, the koshi entered through the front of the Goeido and proceeded to the altar area.  Once inside, the makishoji doors were closed, ending the processional.

Godoza Hoyo - Service celebrating the return of the statue
Following the opening of the makishoji doors, the Monshu opened the doors of the zushi (shrine) in which Shinran Shonin’s statue was enshrined prior to the Godoza Hoyo.   
On the second day, the first jinjo (early-morning service) was conducted in the newly-refurbished Goeido with 1,500 in attendance.
(HONGWANJI JOURNAL, Nº 2994, 2009/4/10)