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Shinran Shonin’s birthday honored at Hongwanji


  Hongwanji- Approximately 10,000 people visited the newly-renovated Goeido (Founder’s Hall) during this year’s Gotan’e observance.  Gotan’e (lit. birthday gathering) is an annual observance held on May 20 and 21 celebrating the birthday of Shinran Shonin.  During this year’s Gotan’e service a message was given by the Monshu expressing the significance of Shinran’s teaching to contemporary society.
As part of the Gotan’e observance, Japanese green tea was served at the Hiunkaku by members of the Yabunouchi School of Tea and a performance was presented at the South Noh stage by members of the Kyoto Kanze School and Shigeyama Kyogen family.

(Hongwanji Journal, June 1, 2009)