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Hongwanji Goeido Rededication Services conducted


Hongwanji- The newly-restored Goeido (Founder’s Hall) was filled with over 52,000 Nembutsu followers who gathered from throughout Japan for its rededication commemoration which was held May 22-26.  In celebrating the completion of the ten-year restoration project, members reflected on the efforts of all the predecessors who helped in preserving the Goeido, as well as the upcoming 750th Memorial of Shinran Shonin which will be conducted in 2011.


Events conducted at Hongwanji during the Goeido Restoration Commemoration

Writer Hiroyuki Itsuki gives public lecture at Goeido
Hiroyuki Itsuki, a writer widely known for his book, Tariki, presented a lecture on Shinran Shonin on May 25 and 26.


Vocalists perform at an outdoor concert in front of the Goeido
The evenings were filled with an array of music at the Hongwanji during the outdoor concerts held on May 22 and 24.  Performers included Rimi Natsukawa and Ryoko Moriyama, Naoyuki Fujii, Mai Fukui and Chisen of the Chisen school of classical Japanese dance.


Rakugo storytelling fills Goeido with laughter
On May 23, the Goeido was filled with laughter as famous rakugo storytellers performed.  Rakugo, which began well over 300 years ago, entertains the audience about everyday situations with a comic twist.


The Hyakkaen garden open to the public 
The scenice Hyakkaen, which is located behind the Goeido and Amidado halls, was opened to the public during the restoration observances.


Hongwanji shines brightly in the evening sky
The An’non no Tomoshibi (An’non Illumination) provided a soft glow along the Hongwanji on Horikawa street on the evenings of May 22 and 23.  Candles placed in bamboo holders filled the moat area while lanterns decorated the sidewalk for passersby to enjoy.

Excerpt from Hongwanji Journal, June 1, 2009.