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New facilities at Hongwanji


Hongwanji-  The newly constructed reception hall and rest area were completed earlier this summer on the Hongwanji grounds.  The rest area or Ochasho was originally built by a group of Nembutsu followers known as Senshu Settaiko.  Within the facility are benches that were made from the lumber of the ginko tree growing in the Hongwanji courtyard.  Following the restoration of the Goeido, the Ochasho has since been re-erected at its original location at the entrance of the Goeido gate and provides a resting area with beverages, information, and wheelchair accessible restrooms for visitors.  The Chozuya (washbasin), which sits outside of the Ochasho, dates back to 1810.

At the south-end of the Goeido is the new reception building called Ryukoden.  Following its construction, the Hongwanji Reception and Revenue Department is now located at the Ryukoden.  Eitaikyo memorial services and confirmation rite registrations are handled at the first floor counter.  The former reception building located at the north-end of the Hongwanji grounds will now be referred to as Annonden and will be used for administrative purposes in preparation for the 750th Memorial of Shinran Shonin which will be observed in 2011.


Excerpt from Hongwanji Journal, June 10 and July 20, 2009.