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Retirement ceremony for ministers honors 201 in 2009


Hongwanji- The 22nd Jushoku and Kaikyoshi Retirement Ceremony was held this year on June 26.  The ceremony was conducted in the Amidado with the attendance of the Monshu.  Two hundred one ministers and families of ministers who have passed away took part in the ceremony (and were recognized for their contributions to the Hongwanji).  During his speech, the Monshu stated, “As a retired jushoku, please provide guidance and support for the next generation.  As a lifetime minister, may you continue to walk the path of Jishin kyoninshin (to realize shinjin and to guide others to shinjin).”  A retired Bishop of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii looked back on his forty-three years of service as a kaikyoshi and commented that “The Pacific Buddhist Academy opened six years ago.  As the first Buddhist high school in the United States, it was very memorable.  As a Bishop, it was my honor to be able to take part in the establishment of the school founded for the members’ purpose of nurturing the next generation.”


Excerpt from Hongwanji Journal, July 20, 2009.