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Children participate in Jido Nembutsu Hoshidan summer program at Hongwanji


The Sanpai Shinoubu (Reception and Revenue department) of Hongwanji hosted 1,813 elementary and junior high school-aged children who gathered for the annual Jido Nembutsu Hoshidan program at the Hongwanji.  The Jido Nembutsu Hoshidan, initiated in 1966, is a program for Hongwanji youth that promotes volunteer service. In addition to working on cleaning projects around the Hongwanji facilities, the students participate in morning services, are given tours of the Hongwanji compound, and enjoy various arts and crafts activities. This two-day program is held during the academic summer recess in cooperation with students from Ryukoku University and Chuo Bukkyo Gakuin who serve as group counselors.  Rei Idobata, a 3rd grader commented, “I was surprised to see how large the Hongwanji temple hall is.  I want to come again next year with my friends.”

Excerpt from Hongwanji Journal, August 20, 2009.