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Kids Sangha- A morning visit to the temple for breakfast


As part of the long-term projects for Shinran Shonin’s 750th Memorial in 2011, an affiliate organization known as Kids’ Sangha has been established in hopes to nurture the temple’s youth.  With “The temple, a place for children” as its motto, priests, temple families and members are working together to conduct various activities for the children at the temple.  Through various activities it is hoped that the children will become accustomed to going to the temple.

On July 16, Senpukuji temple in Kagoshima district provided breakfast at the temple for the neighborhood children before school.  Eleven children attended what was the second session of a 3-session event that the temple has included as part of their Kids Sangha activities.  The morning started off with the chanting of a sutra followed by a Dharma talk by Rev. Yokoi, resident head minister.  In his talk, Rev. Yokoi reflected on the gratitude of having food to eat as many people in the world continue to die of hunger in this present-day.  The menu for the day included rice porridge, miso soup, fried eggs, grilled salmon, and bananas.  A child commented “It’s fun to eat with everyone.  There’s a lot of food and everything is delicious.”  A temple member who was helping at the event said that such experiences will become positive childhood memories, as she recalled her own experience going to the temple as a child.