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Merry Shaka event held in Kyoto


Japan- A social networking community known as Merry Shaka was started in 2006 by a group of young Buddhist ministers hoping to share the teachings online.  Their name Merry Shaka was adapted from Merry Christmas and Shakyamuni Buddha, in honoring the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha.  Activities of the group include blogs, online Dharma exchanges, and music concerts at temples throughout Japan.
On September 8, a talk session wrapping up “Kyoto x Merry Shaka Nights” was held at a local café in Kyoto.  Some thirty people gathered for the talk session sharing concerns about daily life issues.  Music performances are currently being planned as part of “Merry Shaka Live 2009” for later this December.  Details will be available on the Merry Shaka website (

Excerpt from Hongwanji Journal, September 20, 2009.


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