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Ryukoku University celebrates 370th Anniversary with ceremony and symposium


Kyoto, Japan- Ryukoku University celebrated its 370th Anniversary on October 24 at the Fukakusa campus in Kyoto.  Guests and affiliated persons gathered in the Kenshinkan hall for the anniversary ceremony celebrating its long history and promising future with the anniversary theme “Innovation and Tradition.” 
Addresses were given by the Governor General of Hongwanji, Rev. Shoshin Tachibana and University President Dosho Wakahara.  In reflecting over the 370-year history of Ryukoku, Tachibana expressed his aim in pursuing a unique and inspirational educational milieu toward the future through the process of reconsidering those currently being used.  In addition, Wakahara also emphasized the importance of having Shinran Shonin’s teaching as the University’s foundation in continuing its role to cultivate new academic arenas and nurturing the youth to be able to truly contribute to the world.
Ryukoku University first began its operation as gakuryo, which was established within the Hongwanji complex as its own school (learning institution) in 1639.  Since then, it has continued to serve as an academic and research center.  Today the university has more than 20,000 students within its junior college, seven undergraduate departments, and nine graduate school programs.


Symposium on the Role of Historic Universities in the Twenty-first Century also took place at the Fukakusa Campus.  The first portion included a panel discussion between representatives from various universities throughout the world which have been long-established.  The discussion was led by Professors Andrew Gordon (Harvard University, U.S.), Khunying Suchada Kiranandana (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand) and President Wakabayashi (Ryukoku University).  The topic of the second portion, “Shinran in the World of Twenty-first Century –Challenges and Potential-,” included presentations by scholars who spoke on the possibilities of Shinran Shonin’s teaching as a key toward the realization of a peaceful and harmonious world.  A keynote speech was also presented by Hongwanji Monshu Koshin Ohtani.  The final topic, “International Partnerships and Expectations of Japanese Universities – A Perspectives of our Global Partners-,” focused on the development of a network between higher education institutions.
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Excerpt from Hongwanji Journal, November 1 and 10, 2009.