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Lectures hosted on loss and bereavement


Hongwanji, Kyoto – The Jodo Shinshu Study and Research Center hosted its 4th Seminar on Loss and Bereavement on November 9 at the Mombo Kaikan.  Dr. Masami Hirayama, who specializes in psychiatry, made a presentation on providing support for people through the grieving process.  Along with his clinical work, Hirayama also is currently the director of the non-profit organization known as Grief Care Support Plaza.

October 17-18, the Kyushu district YBA hosted a gathering in Fukuoka with the theme, “Building a harmonious world” (tsunagari-tomoni kanjiau sekai e).  In the opening ceremony, chairperson, Rev. Noriaki Kikuchi emphasized that in only looking at what is right and wrong, we become defensive and see our own view as being right.  As a result, we attack others when in fact it is through the connection we share with one another that we are able to share in the experiences of pain and suffering in life together. 
The guest speaker for the gathering, Mr. Masaharu Harada of Aichi Prefecture, spoke on his experience losing his brother who had been violently murdered. Initially, the victim’s family was expecting that the murderer would receive the death sentence.  However, ten years following the death of his brother, Harada decided to visit the killer who had been serving time in prison, hoping to find answers to his brother’s death.  In doing so, he realized that it wasn’t punishment that he was hoping for the murderer, but rather, he had wanted to make amends with the situation.  The talk was followed by a panel discussion.
The next gathering will be hosted by the Saga district on October 23, 2010.

Excerpt from Hongwanji Journal, November 1 and 10, 2009.