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Hiroshima temple offers child care support programs


Japan- In efforts to provide a place where people from the community can gather, Senkoji temple in Hiroshima began a community-based child care center known as Usachan Kyoshitsu.  The child care center was established three years ago and offers educational support programs for young parents raising children (ages zero through kindergarten), as well as various activities building positive relationships between the child and parent.
Masako Fujii, a member of Senkoji temple and also a former preschool director specializing in child care support, has been a strong support figure for the center.  Fujii commented, “Mothers need a place to relax.  A place like the center can help develop communication between the mothers and their children.  The best thing for the mothers is to have confidence in their child rearing.”

Excerpt from Hongwanji Journal, January 20, 2010.