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Simply spectacular!   As the Nembutsu resonates into the sky


Japan- This year, boy scouts from throughout the world gathered at the Asagiri-kogen highlands located in Shizuoka prefecture from August 2 through 8 for the 15th Nippon Jamboree. Nineteen thousand scouts from throughout Japan and a total of 1000 scouts from 41 countries worldwide gathered for the Jamboree held once every four years. Troops associated with Hongwanji were among the largest to be affiliated with a religious organization which included 179 troops with a total of 2200 scouts. On August 5, along with the other various religious organizations that were participating in the Jamboree, a service was conducted by Hongwanji scouts in observance of Scout Day of Peace. During the service which was also attended by honorary Hongwanji scouts leader, Shimmon Kojun Ohtani, eleven scouts were recognized for their devotion to the Jodo Shinshu teaching and presented with the Bukkyosho Award.
Among the participating Hongwanji scouts were the Buddhist Church of San Francisco Boy Scout Troop 29 and the Los Angeles Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple Boy Scout Troop 738. Following the Jamboree, both troops visited the Hongwanji on August 11, during which an audience with Monshu Koshin Ohtani was conducted. Rev. Ronald Kobata, resident minister of the Buddhist Church of San Francisco commented, “For the past forty years, Troop 29 has been able to participate in the Japan Jamboree through the support that the temple has provided. For the scouts, the memories and experiences that they have gained in coming to Japan are sure to last a lifetime.”

(Excerpt from Hongwanji Journal, September 10, 2010)