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Ground breaking ceremony for new hall at Eshinni gravesite


Kokufu, Niigata (Japan)- On September 23, the ground-breaking ceremony for a new (temple) hall was conducted by Kokufu Betsuin at the site of Eshinni’s grave. In previous years, the annual Eshinni Memorial Day was observed in the former Eshinni Hall before it was torn down as part of the redevelopment project of the gravesite which began 6 years ago. Since then, the annual observance has been held at the Eshin no sato Museum that is operated by Joetsu City. With well over 20,000 visitors annually visiting the site of Eshinni’s grave, plans were made to develop a facility specifically for religious purposes. Approximately sixty ministers and temple members in total were in attendance for the the ground-breaking ceremony which began in conjunction with the arrival of the An’non Relay torch at the gravesite.  
In honoring Eshinni and her contributions to the propagation of the Nembutsu teaching, members of the Kokufu district have established a group known as Onembutsu no Haha-Eshinnisama Kenshokai (The mother of the Nembutsu- honoring Eshinnisama) through which monetary donations are being collected toward the construction of the new hall. For more information about the organization, contact Kokufu Betsuin at 025 (543) 2742 (Japanese only).



(Excerpt from Hongwanji Journal, October 10, 2010)