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The journey of the An’non Torch throughout Japan


The flame from the Founder’s Hall jōtōmyō (lit., “constantly glowing light”) made its way throughout Japan during the An’non Torch Relay which began at Hongwanji on September 16. The relay was divided into the north and south courses each travelling to designated temple districts before returning to Hongwanji on October 8, which marks the half-year countdown to the memorial observance.


Picture caption:

A. Kagoshima: Expressing one’s hope for world peace through handmade candles at Kagoshima Betsuin

B. Fukuoka: Three hundred and fifty members from fifteen temple groups parade through Downtown Fukuoka City

C. Hoppo: Jōtōmyō flame carried to Chinzei Betsuin as students of Keiai Junior and Senior High School perform traditional gagaku music

D. Yamaguchi: Chartered train carries jōtōmyō flame and temple members through Iwakuni City

E. Osaka: An’non torch carried through Osaka Castle Park by members of the Soai Junior and Senior High School track and field team

F. Takaoka: Nursery school children dress up as Shinran Shonin in costume parade near Takaoka Hongwanji district office

G. Toyama: Youth members liven up Toyama Betsuin community with marching band performance

H. Tokai: Children carryjōtōmyō float through town sharing the flame to district temples


(Excerpt from Hongwanji Journal, October 20, 2010)