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Tiger Chamber at Hongwanji comes back to life


Hongwanji- Replicas of the bamboo and tiger paintings along the panels of the Tiger Chamber in the Shoin (study chambers) at Hongwanji have recently been installed. The original paintings are said to have been the works of headmaster Ryokei Watanabe (17 C) of the Kano School of painting. With the faded paintings being difficult to view with the naked eye, the paintings were reproduced as part of the 750th Memorial for Shinran Shonin important cultural assets restoration and preservation projects which began in 2008. The paintings were drawn by the Kawamo Art Research Institute in Kyoto, applying a system known as vintage-painting reproduction (古色復元模写) and using traditional tools and techniques to give the paintings an aged appearance of about 80 to a century/hundred years old.

restoration of the final panel



(Excerpt from Hongwanji Journal, February 20, 2011)