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Searching for owner family


San Francisco, California- Last year while investigating the contents of closet areas located next to the rooftop stupa a remarkable discovery was made of an Obutsudan that was probably left at the BCSF prior to a family being evacuated to an internment camp at the beginning the Second World War in 1942. In opening up the Obutsudan to examine the contents we found a few photos, and a number of altar implements wrapped in newspaper. There were two newspapers written in English, the Nichi Bei Times and Shopping News, dated March 28, 1942. Among the contents of the Obutsudan was a wide-angle photo taken in front of the BCSF from a funeral with the inscription: funeral for the late Mrs. Kako Matsumoto, September 4, 1940, and a slip of paper with the name: 松本 芳蔵 (Matsumoto, Yoshizo). If anyone has information that may enable us to contact members of the Matsumoto family please notify the temple office at (415) 776-3158.


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