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Coffe Break

May peace prevail


The creators of May Peace Prevail, a new gatha for Hawaii’s observance of the 750th Shinran Shonin Memorial were recognized at the Hawaii Kyodan Board of Directors meeting on September 13, 2008. 


 Mrs. Carrie Yasui Kawamoto, a resident of Mililani, was honored as the author of May Peace Prevail, the winning poem of the special Gatha Lyrics Contest this year.  Mrs. Kawamoto is an active member of the Mililani Hongwanji Mission. 


 Professor Takeo Kudo of the University of Hawaii was honored as the composer of the music of the theme song.  No stranger to Hongwanji music, Dr. Kudo in 2003 composed the choral work, The Law of Change (lyrics by Mieko Takamiya), which was presented by a mass choir at Choralfests 2005 and 2007.


 Bishop Okano conveyed the appreciation of the entire Hawaii Kyodan to Mrs. Kawamoto and Professor Kudo for their contributions.  May Peace Prevail was performed by Rev. Richard Tennes (singer) and Mr. Francis Okano (pianist) at the end of the brief ceremony. 


(From Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii Headquarters update, October 9, 2008)