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Coffe Break

Spam Musubi


5 c. cooked Japanese rice                        2 T. water
1 (12-oz.) can Spam* or Spam Lite                1 pkg. roasted sushi nori
2 T. soy sauce                                   umeboshi (optional)
2 T. sugar


            Wash and cook rice in rice cooker.  Slice Spam into 10 pieces lengthwise.  Heat frying pan and spray with cooking spray.  Add soy sauce, sugar and water in pan and stir to mix.  Add Spam slices and cook until sauce is gone, turning over at least once.  Set Spam aside in a dish.  Cut sushi nori in half lengthwise.  Place a sheet of nori on work surface.  Place mold on center of nori and fill 1/4 of mold with rice.  Add umeboshi (seed removed) on top of rice.  Add another layer of rice.  Place seasoned Spam on this layer.  Add another layer of rice to fill mold and press down with mold cover.  Bring two sides of nori over rice and seal edge.  Cut Spam musubi in 3 pieces to serve.
            Recipe note:  You may also fry the Spam plain.  Use 2,3,4 layers (including Spam) and use a variety of fillings including furikake nori, scrambled eggs, takuan, kippered salmon, seasoned tuna (cooked with soy sauce and sugar) and tsukemono.


(Buddhist Church of San Francisco, Recipe Book 2003, page 146)