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Monthly Dharma Thoughts

The Buddha is there for you


When you are sad and lonely, sit down before Amida Buddha and say Namu Amida Butsu.  Amida Buddha understands how you feel.


Amida is always there for you.  When you say Namu Amida Butsu, the Buddha is sitting at your side ready to talk to you.  When you are sad and lonely, Amida consoles you and feels the same pain that you feel in your heart.


Amida’s heart is called vicarious compassion.  When people are sad, Amida is also sad. When you think that no one understands how sad you feel, Amida understands. From out of this heart of compassion, Amida Buddha has promised to come to the rescue of those of us caught in the world of delusions.


The way of Nembutsu based on this Vow was perfected in order to save us.  And so the Nembutsu is the crystallization of Amida Buddha’s heart of Great Compassion.  Those who turn to this vicarious compassion in Nembutsu are those who are wrapped in the Buddha’s Light of Unlimited Compassion.


While getting through life is never an easy matter, it is when we are in the midst of our troubles that we find ourselves illumined by the Light of Amida's Compassion.  When we see ourselves in the Light of Compassion, this awakening imparts us with a lasting sense of peace that helps to get us through life.