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The Hongwanji International Center (hereafter, HIC) asks that you use this website in accordance with these terms of use. 


(1) Usage Terms
Preferred browsers
Please use Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver. 7 or higher for Windows (Ver. 6 or higher for Macintosh).  We have taken precautions regarding various browsing environments. However, if you use earlier versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer or other browsers, some contents may not support them. 

Some contents provided on the HIC website use JavaScript.  Please make sure that JavaScript is usable on your browser. 

Some contents on the website may require users to install software such as PDF and Flash Animation.  If not installed, users may not be able to view those contents. 

(2) Links
Users do not need prior permission to create a link to a page on the Hongwanji International Center website.  However, please note that URL (uniform resource location) and contents of this page may change without prior notice.  The following URL is honored:  (HIC website top page)
Please refrain from posting the HIC website in frames or using it as part of a user’s website.  
HIC may refuse to permit linking when the contents of the linked website are deemed by HIC to imply any disadvantage on the part of or bring harm to Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha (Nishi Hongwanji). 
HIC will not inspect the contents or approve linking of the information provided on this website regarding Nishi Hongwanji. Users who post or link to the HIC website must refer to the website and Hongwanji published materials on all postings. Users must also post them at their own expense and assume any and all liability incurred thereby. 

(3) Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights
The property rights to the information (texts, pictures, digital movies, sound and others) provided on the HIC website belong to Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha unless otherwise indicated. 
Users may not make public, transmit or change the contents or information of this website.  However, the information may be used for the purpose of propagating the teachings through materials (such as temple newsletters) printed by the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha temples, ministers, and members.  Please follow these terms and regulations.
Users must refrain from transferring online contents such as websites and blogs.
When the property rights to some contents in the HIC website belong to third parties or persons, the transfer of these contents may be strictly prohibited.  Please refer to each content for further details.
Users who wish to post excerpts of the HIC website must add either of the following to that excerpt:
1.From Hongwanji International Center Homepage
Users who wish to post excerpts in this way must contact the Hongwanji International Center.  HIC cannot grant permission for the exclusive usage, postings or transfers of image or FLASH other than texts. 
Articles or contents in the HIC website must be posted partially or fully as they are. Users of the contents of the HIC website may be held liable for any changes or deletions of information on this website caused by their use. (Note: Special attention may be required when using news flash.) 
HIC forbids users from downloading or creating printed materials by using any portion of information provided on the HIC Homepage or its linked websites for commercial purposes (sales and business).  The printed materials shall not be sent to Hongwanji.

(4) Indemnification
Contents Provided by Third Parties
The Hongwanji International Center has taken various precautions to insure the accuracy of information provided by third parties on the HIC website. However, it cannot guarantee that such contents have not undergone any change or suspension.  When HIC is informed of any such changes third parties, HIC reserves the right to change or delete the respective contents without notice. 
HIC shall bear no liability or responsibility for any damages that users may cause to the third party contents. 

Change of Contents
HIC reserves the right to change the contents, top page or addresses presented on the website from time to time. HIC will not be liable for any damages to users related to the changes of information. 

Linked Websites
The HIC website includes links to the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha Betsuin, Kyomusho, and other affiliated schools. Users shall refer to the policy of each linked website. HIC does not guarantee the accuracy or assume any liability for their contents.

(5) Operating and Managing HIC Website
The HIC website is operated by Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha. However, the HIC creates and manages the contents and information provided in the website.  If a user has questions about the contents, please refer to the contact information related to them.  For all other questions regarding the HIC website or its contents, please contact HIC.